We address the multi-modal data integration challenge in human brain imaging using BrainX3. BrainX3 is an interactive platform for 3D visualization, analysis and simulation of human neuroimaging data respectively brain models. In particular, we focus on volumetric MRI data, DTI/DSI tractographic data, intracranial epilepsy data and semantic corpora from available text databases. BrainX3 provide a means to organize and visualize how the above data types could be combined to extract meaningful insights about brain structures and pathways that might be useful for the scientific and clinical communities.

BrainX3 is developed by SPECS research group to advance knowledge in mind-brain and behaviour. 

Features of BrainX3 2.0 (Based on VTK, QT)

Features of BrainX3 1.0 (Legacy Unity version)

BrainX3 is used in large immersive spaces, such as the XIM from SPECS